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brainslur v1.1

A few edits and additions have just been uploaded to http://www.brainslur.com.

The main page now begins with an "oddments" section which will contain everchanging information - images, news, quotes, special features. This section will be updated frequently to ensure fresh content for visitors. Below it is a standard introductory blurb. The list of links has been expanded and annotated and, ad-style, "buy now" bits about the "Strange Attractor" CD and T-shirts are featured above the current poll. In addition, the "CD Changer" is a list of current music recommendations.

There is now a merchandising page which contains links to the opportunity to purchase CDs at Ampcast and also the CafePress Store with Brainslur Tshirts. On this page, viewers have an opportunity to preview CD artwork and clothing screens. In addition, there is a link to PayPal purchasing for the small stock of CDs and pre-orders of black Ts available directly from Brainslur.

The music page has been updated with track listings from Brainslur's two out of print releases. Kiddies, these are so rare we don't even have copies complete in their packaging! However, select songs have been reworked and may be available in the future.

The news page has Brainslur's first press release included and is awaiting additional information. The biography page has been changed to a kit for the press page, where releases are categoried and a space for reviews and articles has been set aside.

Check it out; enjoy your visit. Don't forget to stream Real Audio onsite or click over to Brainslur's official music page at Ampcast (http://www.ampcast.com/brainslur) where .mp3 files are available for streaming and the "Strange Attractor" CD can be purchased. Vote for your favorite song, be sure to sign the guestbook, subscribe to the mailing list for inside information, and come back soon!

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