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Brainslur Unofficial Updates

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Brainslur's premiere unofficial information page!

Brainslur is a musical project which incorporates elements of rock, pop, and alternative as well as classical and progressive influences, creating dark and image-provoking songs in an ethereal blend that transcends standard genres.

On July 7, 2003, www.brainslur.com version 1.0 went live. A short descriptive burst about the musical project, contact information and a music section containing streaming real audio are included on the site, which is also a portal to the opportunity to purchase "Strange Attractor" - Brainslur's first official release - as well as a store for T-shirts. A news section is sure to add fresh content on a regular basis, and an interactive guestbook is waiting for your comments. Please go listen, pick your favorite song - and, if you haven't, you may wish to select some clothing or music. Don't forget to sign up for "Brain Droppings," Brainslur's official newsletter.

Brainslur streams mp3s and sells CDs at